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RF AM Jammer EAS Shoplifting (2 in 1) 2023

Professional EAS Jammer for anti-theft security systems in retail stores.

The new store security alarm jammer 2022 (shoplifting) combines 2 main types of signals that are widely used in retail chains worldwide – radio frequency (RF) and acoustomagnetic (AM). You no longer need to choose which jammer is best and better to buy AM or RF! The device itself determines the type of signal and suppresses the desired range with a certain power.


  • ultra small size: 9×5.5×2.5 cm
  • maximum operating time: up to 10 hours
  • extended range: 1-4 meters
  • suppresses RF, AM signal types
  • jams Sensormatic, Nedap, Cross Point, GateWay, Amersec, Dialoc ID Corporate, DetexLine, Catalyst, MTC EAS Partners, Lucatron, etc.
  • 2 LED indicator
  • Battery warning
  • Invisible to almost all Anti-Jammer and Jammer Detection protections
  • Simple control – 1 button
  • Silent and harmless
  • Made from quality components

The new jammer AM RF 2022 is as simple as possible to use, the operation is carried out with just one button – On/Off – and then the device will do everything for you. You do not have to study a lot of materials, learn to determine the type of signal by security gates/racks and tags, which are often identical, which minimizes unacceptable errors to zero.

You will not need to personally examine the security gates/racks in each store, look for the brand name security system, look gates/racks are on and which are not, look at what tags are on each product and how many of them, all this causes unnecessary suspicion, waste of time, and most importantly, your own nerves. With this device, everything is fast, without suspicion and without unnecessary nerves.

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