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Car Keyless Repeater Multibrand

Keyless Car Repeater is a multi-brand emergency start system for vehicles equipped with advanced keyless entry/go systems.

In other words, this multi-brand car key repeaterKeyless repeater allows you to remotely open the door lock and start the engine of a car. Working with all Keyless Go, Keyless Entry, Advanced Keyless, Start System, Smart Key System, Comfort Access, Fast Key, Intelligent Key, Hands-Free Keycard, Model S Key, Keyless Drive and other remote access systems (hereinafter we will abbreviate – Keyless Go).

This is a new version of the popular multi-brand car repeater for remote/keyless access to vehicles with Keyless Go/Entry systems, including 2021 models.

This version of the device provides 2 main operating modes:

  1. Multi-brand;
  2. Toyota – Lexus – Subaru.

Works with all keyless go cars including 2021 models except Mercedes and Audi 2013-2014+ which are equipped with the FBS4 option. New car models with FBS4 are supported by our new FBS4 keyless repeater!, Cheap keyless repeater, Keyless repeater box to steal cars, dexp keyless repeater, car keyless repeater for sale, keyless repeater for sale online. Original keyless repeater for sale.

We have already tested this keyless repeater model on over 500+ modern car models. With the help of a relay attack, all cars were successfully opened and their engines started. Protection car systems do not issue errors and locks, since the command initially comes from the original smart key of the car, Buy keyless repeater online in Toronto.

This version keyless repeater significantly updates the range of supported safety systems, including new car models. As well as some BMW, Ducati and KTM motorcycle models. In addition, a lineup of Toyota, Lexus, Subaru and Tesla vehicles has been added. You can find a complete list of tested cars and the results of our testing in the instructions for the device below.

This list is constantly updated with new models and car brands. The car keyless repeater multi brand supports almost all car models with Keyless Go/Entry, so the complete list is actually more than what is stated in this manual/instruction, Keyless go repeater for sale online.

You can buy a car keyless repeater multi-brand by leaving a request on our website..

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  1. Afternoon from the UK

    We are a vehicle security company and want to buy a relay device to show our clients how easy it is to steal cars
    Can you get me some prices
    Registered for VAT and LTD company in the UK
    We have a 2016 C63 Mercedes to use on demos will it work with this and ford ranger 2022 and 2023

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