EAS AM+RF jammer 2in1 For Sale Online.

EAS AM+RF jammer 2in1 For Sale Online.

The Mobile Signal 600W High Power EAS AM+RF Jammer can help to block the mobile signals for any area that are confronted with cellular communication problems: for example, loud incoming call rings, loud telephone conversations, secret leaking and bomb explosion through Mobiles, electromagnetic radiation to gas station, chemical material warehouse and hospital equipment’s. This product is suitable in executive offices, board meetings, conferences, seminars, libraries, cinemas, religious places, public transport, concert halls, restaurants and educational institutions, Prisons, etc.

Mobile Signal Jammer transmits strong power radio signals to cut-off communications between Mobileand cellular base-stations. It does not interfere with any communications other than cellular within the defined regulated zone.

Upon activating Mobile Signal Jammer, all idle phones will indicate “NO SERVICE”. Incoming calls are blocked as if the cellular phone is OFF. When Mobile Signal Jammer is turned off, all cellular phones will automatically re-establish communications and provide full service.

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